The Jovie Goat Solution

Our Jovie Goat products combine the most gentle ingredients, organic where possible, and are nutritionally complete supporting the growth of babies and children keeping them comfortably and happy.

Just Like You We Are Parents Too

We are caring parents and at the same time we are a team of experts in infant nutrition, knowing the importance of better nutrition that is gentle on tummies.


We believe there are better solutions when it comes to protein sources commenly used in infant nutrition. Nature has more goodness to offer, so why settle for second best?

Why we started Jovie
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Jovie Goat Organic

Jovie Goat is sustainably produced and as close to nature as possible. Our goat milk products are certified according European organic farming standards - produced without synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms and hormones.

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Always Near You

Where to Find Jovie Goat

Jovie is currently available in several countries. To achieve our goal of making it a global brand, we're continuously adding new stores ensuring you can always find Jovie in a store near you.

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Breastmilk is best

Breastmilk is best for babies. Jovie provides an alternative if breastmilk is not sufficient or if you wish to switch to bottle feeding.